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Oil Mist Collector with Air Cleaner(For Oil Based Coolant+ O. The Oil Mist Collector is a work environment improvement machine with high safety standards that removes soot produced by processing machines at the sub-micron level. 0.5 HP Smoke Fume Collector for CNC Metal Working Machine. Processing capacity is high and can also be used against high density oil mists. Oil Mist Air Cleaner-YOMA-A Oil Mist Air Collector. The power pack of the Elec-Pure supplies 11 kV to the ionizer and 7 kV to the collector cell. Contaminating particles pass through the ionizer and become electrification. The charged particles are then drawn to and cleaned up by the earth electrode plate in the collector cell. The high-concentration electric purifier reapplies charge to precipitate non-absorbed particles, and thereby achieves a maximum collecting rate of 99.8%. Measure against oil mists emitted from manufacturing machines!. 1.5 HP Fume Smoke Purifier for CNC Metal Working Center. If you can't find something, try using one of our services:. Uses a high voltage power supply (power pack) with safety circuits. Roll to Roll Far-inferred Film Anneal Furnace for Optical film. Mixing Volatile Oils or Light Oils with Bio-Fuels. sheet metal: Oil mist collector and tank, working table, wel. Regular maintenance is necessary. Please contact our company at your leisure. Oil Mist Air Cleaner, Machinery, Oil Mist Collector. 2 HP Mist Purifier for CNC Metal Working Machine. Node Cancer: for Low Viscosity and High Viscosity. Parts requiring regular cleaning are of a simply constructed which can withstand being. Oil Mist Collector with Air (For Water Based Coolant). For the best experience, use the latest version of Internet Explorer (10+), Chrome, Firefox or Safari. 1 HP Fume Smoke Purifier for CNC Metal Working Center. Uses discharge ionizers wire made from special tungsten. Oil Mist Collector with Air Cleaner(For Oil Based Coolant+ O. Obama: "The Trend Toward Clean Energy is Irreversible" ECO Off-line Cooling System can save 90% eletricity costs. Low vibration can be placed on the machine, saving space. AIO provide reliable thermal performance for cooling electronics with clean air. AIO series are used in dusty and oily environments. The issue of air pollution in Taiwan is constantly being mentioned. Thermal power generation is the culprit recognized by air pollution. As the government is well aware of the problem of air pollutio. Thematerial and the grade are same as the European Bran. ECO control of mechanical lubrication or hydraulic system oil temperature,improve machining efficiency accuracy. Japan TAKAOKA Co., Ltd. technical cooperation Japanese original NF metal filter, High efficient withoutSupplies. No.85, Dali Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412, Taiwan. Controling the oil temperatur stably, Synchronized adjustment with ambient temperature Cooler can be universall. Plate-Fin Oil-Air Heat Exchangers/Coolers AH-series are original cooler series of COOLBIT, We had been insisted on the quality for 18 years. 

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