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I discovered that I love What's My Line when Buzzr used to show it at whatever time it was I had the TV on. I'd watch an episode or two before bed. They changed the lineup and it's just fucking Card Sharks, Supermarket Sweep or that one with Peter Tamarkan. The Bugs Bunny Show, as well as in numerous animated advertisements and several compilation features, such as. Brilliant, but Lazy: For all his appalling personal habits and seeming stupidity, Lister is in fact quite intelligent, talented, capable and competent. He just prefers the life of an abject slob due to being almost completely and utterly devoid of ambition (beyond settling down with Kochanski one day). Even more evident in the novels— for example, Lister's incarceration in stasis was the result of a well calculated plot to return to Earth without having to work rather than an exceptionally foolish mistake, courtesy of a Retcon -ish continuity tweak that Lister was just using the ship as a way to get back to Earth after winding up on Mimas courtesy of a drunken bender. Which would definitely explain why he took a photo of himself with the cat and had the ship's lab develop the film. 10 Disturbing Cases Of Mass Hysterical Contagion Like 'Bird Box'. Pinocchio, Blanc was hired to perform the voice of Gideon the Cat. However, Gideon eventually was decided to be a mute character (similar to Dopey from. Glad I'm not the only Perry Mason fan! I'm also watching Dark Shadows. I tried the Dick Van Dyke show but I found it unwatchable. According to McKimson, the blabbermouth rooster's voice originated from two sources: from a hard-of-hearing sheriff character on a radio show called Blue Monday Jamboree from the 1930s, and mainly from Delmar's' Claghorn character from the Fred Allen Show– complete with the same puffed-up chest, his walk and his catchphrases. The characters name also comes in two parts, firstly Claghorn was changed to Foghorn to accentuate the fact that the character spoke very directly and very loudly (like Claghorn), and secondly he added "Leghorn" which is a breed of ch Lister: Rimmer, you know damn well that sprouts make me chuck. The doctor then asked Tweety if he was there, too. "I tawt I taw a puddy tat," was the reply. [21]. Adaptation Name Change: His last name was Hollins in the original Son Of Cliche radio sketches but was renamed Lister because there was a footballer called Dave Hollins. The famous 1987 anti-drug PSA never actually said, "This is your brain this is your brain on drugs." There were two versions, long and short. The long version. 'Spanners' Lister, his Alternate Continuity self from Ace Rimmer's home dimension, is an example of what he's capable when he does apply himself; Faster than light and inter dimensional travel being at least two of his accomplishments. His illusions about his musical abilities usually disappear when he's going through a bout of depression. I recall seeing some "Laugh-In" episodes many years ago, but also many years after they originally aired. Its humor did not age well, aside from the fact that its references were understandably very dated. For a show that was seen as "hip" at the time, a lot of the jokes were appallingly sexist and (surprise, surprise) homophobic. Also, I had forgotten how painfully unfunny Dick Martin was in his routines with Dan Rowan., who was also not funny but was supposed to be the straight man. Dio's memetic combo is often thought to be Barehanded Blade Block -> MUDADA -> ZA WARUDO -> Flechette Storm -> ROADROLLADA -> WRYYY. However, this really owes itself to the fan-made flash animation, not either the manga or the game. Attack on Titan: The first line of the first OP "Guren no Yumiya" has been misspelled in numerous ways due to Linked Horizon's inexact pronunciation of German and inconsistent fansubs, one common one being "Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!" The official spelling is "Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!" note. Arcadia of My Youth, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe became the author of a new famous quote 150 years after his death. Never mind that you will never find anything remotely like the "His youth was Arcadia" line in original German, and most researchers agree. Rimmer: Well, this is awful. I've got you down for sprouts almost every meal. I tell a lie - it is every meal. Original release September 30, 1960– April 1, 1966. Bamm-Bamm Rubble is the Rubbles' preternaturally strong adopted son, whom they adopt during the fourth season; his name comes from the only phrase he ever speaks as a baby: "Bamm, Bamm!". The voice of Barney Rubble was provided by voice actor Mel Blanc, though five episodes during the second season (the first, second, fifth, sixth, and ninth) employed Hanna-Barbera regular Daws Butler while Blanc was incapacitated by a near-fatal car accident. Blanc was able to return to the series much sooner than expected, by virtue of a temporary recording studio for the entire cast set up at Blanc's bedside. Blanc's portrayal of Barney had changed considerably after the accident. In the earliest episodes, Blanc had used a much higher pitch to the point of portraying Barney as a smart-aleck. After his recovery from the accident, Blanc used a deeper voice, quite similar to the voice of the Abominable Snowman he performed in other cartoons, and was shown as somewhat dopier than before. The continuing popularity of The Flintstones rested heavily on its juxtaposition of modern everyday concerns in the Stone Age setting. [5]. This section relies largely or entirely on a single source. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Screen Gems (1960–1967) Columbia Pictures Television (1974–1987) [2]. Joe Rockhead is a mutual friend of Fred and Barney. Usually, when Fred and Barney have some kind of falling out, Fred mentions doing something (such as going to a baseball game) with Joe. Joe was, at some point, chief of the Bedrock Volunteer Fire Department (as shown on the episode "Arthur Quarry's Dance Class", which originally aired on January 13, 1961). His appearance varied throughout the run of the series, but his appearance in the episode "The Picnic", which originally aired on December 15, 1961, was the one most commonly used. Under the working title The Flagstones, the family originally consisted of Fred, Wilma, and their son, Fred, Jr. A brief demonstration film was also created to sell the idea of a "modern stone age family" to sponsors and the network. [21]. Barney Rubble is the secondary main character and Fred's best friend and next-door neighbor. His occupation is, for the most part of the series, unknown, though later episodes depict him working in the same quarry as Fred. He shares many of Fred's interests such as bowling and golf, and is also a member of the "Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes". Though Fred and Barney frequently get into feuds with one another (usually due to Fred's short temper), their deep fraternal bond remains evident. Kenneth Spears Donald A. Douglas Joseph Ruby Warner Leighton Greg Watson. Henry Corden's voice became Fred's after Reed's death in 1977, starting with. Uncle Tex Hardrock is Fred's maternal uncle and a member of the Texarock Rangers. He constantly holds Fred's future inheritance over his head. According to Henry Corden, a voice actor and a friend of Gleason's, "Jackie's lawyers told him he could probably have The Flintstones pulled right off the air. But they also told him, 'Do you want to be known as the guy who yanked Fred Flintstone off the air? The guy who took away a show so many TEENs love, and so many parents love, too?'" [14]. and later on The Flintstones TEENren's records. Since 2000, Jeff Bergman, James Arnold Taylor, and Scott Innes (performing both Fred and Barney for Toshiba commercials) have performed the voice of Fred. Since Mel Blanc's death in 1989, Barney has been voiced by Jeff Bergman, Frank Welker, and Kevin Michael Richardson. Various additional character voices were created by Hal Smith, Allan Melvin, Janet Waldo, Daws Butler, and Howard Morris, among others. interview, Gleason said Alan Reed had done voice-overs for Gleason in his early movies and that he had considered suing Hanna-Barbera for copying The Honeymooners but decided to let it pass. [13]. The "Meet the Flintstones" opening was later added to the first two seasons for syndication. The musical underscores were credited to Hoyt Curtin for the show's first five seasons; Ted Nichols took over in 1965 for the final season. [17]. This article is about the original television series. For other uses, see Flintstone. Barney Rubble– Mel Blanc; Daws Butler (season 2; episodes 1, 2, 5, 6, and 9 only). Click here to search for sounds by category. Tom and Jerry, which entertained both TEENren and the adults who accompanied them. However, since TEENren did not need their parents' supervision to watch television, Hanna-Barbera's output became labeled "TEENs only". Barbera and Hanna wanted to recapture the adult audience with an animated situation comedy. [19]. Ending theme "Rise and Shine" (instrumental) (first two seasons and the first two episodes of season 3) "Meet the Flintstones" (rest of the show's run) "Open Up Your Heart (and Let the Sunshine In)" (some episodes on season 6). [url= payday lender[/url] [url= online[/url] [url= payday loans[/url] [url= credit check loans[/url] [url= lenders online loans[/url] [url= loans with low interest rates[/url] [url= lending[/url] [url= advance online[/url] [url= loans for bad credit[/url] [url= online instant approval[/url]. [url= [url= insurance[/url] [url= general quote[/url] [url= insurance[/url] [url= insurance in georgia[/url] [url= insurance[/url] [url= car insurance[/url] [url= insurance[/url] [url= cost car insurance[/url] [url= insurance[/url]. 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Another example from Shatner is in his autobiography Up Till Now, which comes in audiobook form. is notably popular for the quote, "People die if they are killed.", which was an overly-literal (and out-of-context) line from a fansub. The full line was "People die when they're killed. That's the way it should be." In context, he was saying how he didn't want the immortality that Avalon granted him. but fans ran with it and that line became memetically popular. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Athrun never said " NICOL WAS FIFTEEN, HE LOVED TO PLAY THE PIANO!" He actually said " Nicol was fifteen! He loved the piano!" (in the dubbed version) or " Nicol loved to play the piano. And he was only 15." (in the subtitled version). cialis free offer [url= cialis coupon[/url] free cialis pills. The Midnight Snack appeared as their next short on July 19 1941, the same date Winston Churchill launched his "V for Victory" campaign. The characters would go on to appear in four or five short films a year– totaling 114 films by the time the MGM cartoon studio was shut down in 1957, with the last cartoons released in 1958. This resulted in Hanna and Barbera starting their own animation studio (now primarily aimed at low budget television shorts) called Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc. in 1957, although it would be some time before the studio made any money. MGM retained the Tom and Jerry license, and in a controversial twist decided to revive the series in the early 1960s using the Prague-based studio Rembrandt Films, with animator Gene Deitch and produced by company owner William L. Snyder. Czechoslovakia was a highly controversial choice given the fact it lay hidden behind the Iron Curtain, the Cold War was at it's height, and the Cuban Missile Crisis happened during production. Both Samuel Goldwyn and Louis B. Mayer were Eastern Europeans, from Warsaw and Minsk respectively. Dio didn't say, "You expected [insert memetic thing here], but it was me, Dio." The line is, "You thought your first kiss would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!" note. Which can also be translated as "it was me". Erich Reinhardt of Hagersville, Ontario, Canada asks: On your "Ultimate Video Collection", I noticed there is an Easter Egg containing archival footage of your performance of "My Bologna" shot in 1979. Was that a performance that was shown on a local cable show, or was it at a local entertainment club where they shoot all of their performances? And also, was the song for the performance pre-recorded, and then synched in to match your lips and accordion playing? What's the story behind that? 10 Moments In The History Of Sacrificial Religious Suicides. Yancy Gadzonski of Glendale, Wisconsin asks: How did you feel about Vince Vaughn's reference to you in the uncut version of the recent hit comedy, "Wedding Crashers"?. 

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